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        As the adage says, 'Divinity manifests itself in the smiles of the poor', the temple/Devasthanam is running an orphanage, known as 'Karunai Illam'. which provides for 100 destitutes. There are 8 children at present benefitted by it. The devasthanam is ready to accommodate upto the maximum strength. The daily expenses of the inmates towards food, clothing and school fees are all borne by the Devasthanam. The Children are educated upto the higher secondary school leve


        There is a Higher Secondary School run by the temple at Vadavalli. The school started in a thatched shed in the year 1971 at Vadavalli has grown from its humble beginnings and bloomed into a fullfledged Higher Secondary school housed in a terrace building. A new building with additional classrooms and laboratories has been provided. The institution keeps aloft the torch of knowledge and strives its best to dispel the darkness of ignorance.


        There is a SIDDHA DISPENSARY built and run by the temple at Vadavalli for the benefit of general public. A qualified Siddha Doctor comes atop on festival days to treat the sick devotees, if any.


        For the benefit of devoties the Temple runs three Mini Buses from foot hills to Hill Top. Devoties can walk through the Steps where Electrical Lamps are fixed on the two sides for the benifit of Devoties.


        Temple has invested Rs. 6 Lakhs for the continuous supply of Siruvani water for devotees.Siruvani water is brought from the foot hills of Marudhamalai to the hill top with the help of Motors and Pumps that are donated by many donars from in and around coimbatore. Even the water purification plant has been implemented on hill top.


        Annadhanam Scheme was started on 23.03.2002. Annadhanam will be served hot for all devoties at 12.15pm daily in this temple. The Donor may participate in this scheme by investing Rs.25,000/- and from the interest of this investment every year Annathanam is given to 100 persons on any one day the donor decides, or the donor may participate in this scheme by giving Rs.2,500/- for a particular day for Annathanam to 100 persons.


        Golden Chariot is at the hill top with an height of 16.5 feet that has been made with Gold at an cost of Rs. 1.08 Crores in the year 2003. Devoties can pay a sum of Rs. 1,500 for this golden chariot for which 3 persons are allowed.